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Coaches Corner

Interacting with Amiables

Whether you’re an employer, employee, in sales, or simply just living life, it’s helpful to understand and know how to interact with different types of behavior styles in order to communicate in a manner that the other person will understand and respond to.  [Read More]

Interacting with Expressives

Whether you’re an employer, employee, in sales, or in your own business it’s a major asset to know how to interact with all types of people.  [Read More]

Candidate Information

New Career

It’s time to make a change. You either need a new job, or you want a new job. Either way the process is basically the same. Take what have learned from the past, and apply it to future. It’s time to move forward and make things happen. But where do you start?  [Read More]

What!  I didn’t get the job

So exactly why didn’t I get the job? This is the $50,000 question or whatever that potential job was going to pay. There are as many possible answers to that question as there might be planets in the heavens; however some of the more common reasons include the following: [Read More]

Employer Information

Unforgettable Interviews

There’s no shortage of tales told by interviewees of their odd experiences being interviewed, however the same is true of interviewers interviewing bizarre interviewees. I submit the following true wacky situations as proof of the bizarre: [Read More]

Hiring the Right Person

Hiring the right person can be a very costly needed expense. Hiring the wrong person can be an even more costly unneeded expense. We take you through the steps of the hiring process from ‘Do you really need to hire’ all the way through the ‘Training’ step and everything in between. [Read More]