Hiring the right person

Hiring the right person can be a very costly needed expense. Hiring the wrong person can be an even more costly unneeded expense. We take you through the steps of the hiring process from ‘Do you really need to hire’ all the way through the ‘Training’ step and everything in between. And we will take you through the unfortunate but occasionally needed ‘Termination’ step.

So you have an open position for whatever reason; somebody got fired, somebody resigned, downsizing due to the economy or sales a down. The bottom line is that you have an open position, but do you really need to hire someone to fill it, or are there options available to you and your company. Maybe the vacant position is a blessing in disguise. Maybe the situation works to your advantage. We’ll help you look at the options.

And if you do need to hire someone, we can help you ‘round up the prospects. Not only that but also help you to screen for the best of the best, and provide tips and direction on interviewing.

And once you have the right candidate, now you can switch to the ‘selling mode’ by selling your candidate on your company.

Then when they accept your offer we help you move into the hiring step of the process, which is the precursor to the almost final step of training.

And no matter how effective you are in the selection and hiring process, you will occasionally have to part with that once golden-candidate. We can help make that transition as tasteful as possible.

Each step is a simple step, as long as you know what you’re doing. We can help you keep it simple and effective. The more you know, then the easier it is to accomplish your goal.

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