Interacting with Analyticals

OK, you’re an employer, employee, or in sales and you find yourself in a situation where you’re interacting with an individual who shows analytical-type behavior. How do you know s/he is really analytical, and what are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to having a successful outcome with communication with this person?

Analyticals (nerds) given the choice between being perfect or the best, prefer to be perfect. Emotions and feelings are not part of their style, nor is risk or quick decision- making since they want to make sure they have all the information necessary to make the right decision. Analyticals focus on data, numbers, logic and they are detail oriented. If and when they offer information, you can be sure it’s accurate. You can forget the ‘warm and fuzzy’, since what they want are simply the facts, and nothing but the facts.

If you want to connect with analyticals, you might want to consider the following:

• Be focused, be direct, and keep it business-like
• Be on time, be prepared, and be precise
• Keep it balanced, showing both sides to a topic
• Have a plan, and a time-table
• Be organized
• Provide facts that are verifiable

And if you really want to connect, then you’ll want to focus on the following:

  • no mess, no clutter, and no disorganization
  • no casual, no informal, and amp down the volume
  • no over-promise and under-deliver
  • don’t push the decision-making process
  • don’t waste time, since time is money
  • don’t be vague or leave loose ends
  • no tricks, no coaxing, and no manipulation

The bottom line is that analyticals, as the name implies, work at their own pace, they analyze all the information obtained or provided prior to making a decision, and once that decision is made, they want to move forward quickly. Analyticals are not looking for friendship; they want someone to pick up an oar and help row the boat.

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