Interacting with Expressives

Whether you’re an employer, employee, in sales, or in your own business it’s a major asset to know how to interact with all types of people. This ‘gift’ of understanding the person or people you encounter can often make or break a successful working relationship; it can be the difference to making or not making the sale. Each group (Amiables, Analyticals, Expressives, and Drivers) requires a different approach. What works with one will not necessarily work with the others.

Let’s take a look at interacting with Expressives, also known as Bozos.

Expressives are very enthusiastic with a flair for creativity, and rely on intuition. They like to have a good time to the point of being party people. They use themselves as benchmarks and have little patience or tolerance for those who are different. They bore easily and because they are creative, they can be seen as somewhat goofy.

Some of the more effective ways to interact with Expressives include the following:

  • Socialize
  • Express energy, be entertaining, stimulating and fun
  • Support their hopes and dreams
  • Solicit their ideas and opinions
  • Listen to their goals and what they find inspiring
  • Focus on the big picture, not the details
  • Provide testimonials from those they consider important
  • Provide thoughts and concepts for implementing essential actions
  • Offer incentives, special deals and extras

With Expressives, make an effort to avoid:

  • being con condescending
  • talking in generalities
  • creating paradigms
  • inaction
  • being dogmatic
  • focusing on detail
  • being aloof
  • rushing forward with facts
  • redirecting their tangents

So when dealing with Expressives its O.K to let them take the lead, and ‘go with them on their trip’. Have some fun with them, and allow ample time to socialize. Let your creative side surface, be a good listener, open-minded to their ideas, and be a supporter of their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

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