New Career

It’s time to make a change. You either need a new job, or you want a new job. Either way the process is basically the same. Take what have learned from the past, and apply it to future. It’s time to move forward and make things happen. But where do you start?

We can help you walk through what seems to be an overwhelming task; the task of finding what’s next, and then ultimately getting to where you want to be. Maybe it’s a new job, a new career, something you’ve always wanted to do, or maybe it’s
“dolce far niente”……..the Italian term for the ‘sweetness of doing nothing’.

No matter what it is, we can help walk you to it or through it.

If the ‘sweetness of doing nothing’ is not an option, then we can help you focus initially on what you want to do to see if it’s feasible for your situation. Finding a new situation requires a three step process;

  1. preparation
  2. doing what needs to be done
  3. ‘cleaning up’ or finishing the tasks at hand.

This includes creating an attention-getting cover letter, to preparing an energized resume.

Then we take you to the all important interview; that face-to-face opportunity to make it without breaking it. We help you know what to do before the interview, during the interview, and after the interview.

Look at the whole process like skydiving for the first time; you can choose to do it all on your own (what could possibly go wrong) and maybe be successful, or you can work (jump) with someone who’s done it before and knows what to do.

We can and will help you through the process step by step. Anything is simple when you know it, and we know it.

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