So you have decided to change your job, or make a major shift by changing your career. That’s nice; now what do you do? Prior to creating your plan and taking your first steps, you need to focus on job or career preparation. You know what you want, however you’re not sure yet exactly how to do it, or even if it can be done. Is it doable, and more importantly can you do it. Now I’m not talking about motivation or desire, I am referring to time, finances, and support of those around you. How long will you be able to pursue your goal, and do you have the finances to be able to sustain yourself and those who depend upon you. The more difficult the challenge, more committed you need to be in your job or career preparation in order to succeed.

Let me give you an example. When I decided to change careers from being a salaried pharmacist to becoming a cash flow management financial consultant working on straight commission, I was hesitant to the point of almost fearful of giving up my guaranteed income with benefits for the opportunity to earn unlimited income on a commission basis. I wanted to work part-time as a pharmacist, and part-time in sales as a consultant. It seemed safer, and that’s because it was safer. But if I was going to make this thing work and achieve my goal, I had to give it 100% attention and effort, not 50%.

By not having a safety net (guaranteed income and benefits), I put myself in a position of no choice other than to succeed.

Additionally you may need the help of those around you whose lives may be directly or indirectly affected by your choice to make a change. An example that comes to mind is that of a salesman who also changed from a salaried job to a commissioned position. He was confident he could begin making sales immediately; however it took him 30 days to make his first sale. Bills were piling up and he began to fall behind on child support to the point he was almost six months behind. During the weeks and months he fell behind, he communicated with his ex-wife and she was supportive and understanding, that he would make good on his commitment. Finally he did begin to make sales and ultimately paid his child support in full. It took six months, but he did it. As a side note, on the payment that made him current with his ex-wife and children, he bought them a television and microwave as a ‘thank you’ for her patience and understanding.

So the job preparation and career preparation necessary to succeed requires a clear understanding and commitment on your part to succeed. Your preparation also requires support, patience and crystal clear understanding from those around you who’s live will be affected by your endeavor. Hence communicating effectively is necessary. Demonstrating accountability and courage on your part is vital which leads to building trust. By incorporating these values into your commitment, your opportunity for success is drastically increased. You’re not only succeeding for yourself, you are also succeeding for those around. The time and commitment invested in preparation for your job or career change will definitely pay dividends.