What Do You Want To Do

So here you are at a crossroads in your life. Either by your choice or circumstances you need to make a decision about what you want to do next. Basically what career path do you want to pursue, what career choices do you have, and what type of career development will lead you to your goal. This can be very daunting and often times a person can experience paralysis through analysis; almost fearful to do anything, yet knowing something must be done. So how do you get through this?

Well, it’s done the same way you would do it if you had to eat an elephant; one bite at a time. It’s been said that “stress is what you feel before you make a decision”. Once the decision has been made, the stress dissipates. So let’s begin to break this down into bite-size pieces.

There’s a difference between a career change and a job change. A job change can be doing the same thing you’ve been doing, just with a different company. Or it may be a job description change utilizing similar skills that you used previously. Whereas a career change moves you in a totally different direction from what you were doing previously.

I began my career in semi-professional baseball. Quickly realizing only the absolute best of the best make it to the big show (major leagues), I needed to change my career path to something more stable with opportunity. I entered college and graduated as a pharmacist.

I worked with a variety of companies taking different jobs with different job descriptions, but basically still being a pharmacist. I didn’t feel the challenge, and decided to change careers again, this time starting my own company in sales and cash flow management.

This worked well and then opportunity knocked and I had the chance to combine my pharmacy experience with my sales experience and become an executive recruiter with a Fortune 500 company and had a wonderful 15 years in that career. So you can combine experiences and skills from different careers to blend into a new career that fulfills your needs and provides satisfaction, challenge, and accomplishment.

Your vocation is you occupation; it’s what you do to earn a living. An avocation is what you like to do for fun and enjoyment. The goal is to turn your avocation into your vocation, thereby earning a living doing what you like to do.

Make time to consider your career choices. Notice I didn’t say ‘find time’, I said make time. Think of what you would really like to do and then begin to consider that career path and the career development necessary to reach that goal.