Do You Really Need to Hire

Before you fill that open position, ask yourself if you really need to hire someone or can you make do with what you already have. In a more business-friendly economy, you want to hire the right person but in today’s economic environment it might be prudent to keep that position open, or eliminate it entirely and have your current team cover the responsibilities for that open position.

Your employees are aware of the precarious situation that exists with their jobs. Therefore they are more willing to do what needs to be done to enhance their job security. This includes working harder, smarter and longer to gain a competitive edge among their peers. Your current team members already know your company culture and only need to learn how to accomplish the additional job responsibilities.

Hence knowing how to hire the right person is vital, however knowing when not to hire is also vital since it involves additional expense. It’s all about numbers. If you can save more than you spend or lose, then your bottom line is obviously better.

Now if you determine you need to fill that open position and you are in a position to hire the right person, then knowing how to hire is vital. Hiring, training, and retaining are an expensive and often times a time consuming venture. As tricky as it can be, keep in mind that it’s not brain surgery.

In order to hire the right person the key is to know exactly what characteristics the new hire must possess in order to succeed within your company culture and what skills are necessary to fulfill the job description.

It’s a delicate balance to make sure your hiring process is comprehensive and focused in order to select the right candidate, but not cumbersome and bureaucratic and time consuming to the point that you can lose the right candidate.

A good rule of thumb is to apply to your hiring process is Occam’s razor. This scientific and philosophic rule states “the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex.” You can utilize the most sophisticated process on how to hire, or you can keep it simple and focused. If you know what you want, what you’re looking for, what the job entails and what the company culture needs, then your opportunity for success on how to hire the right person increases significantly.