Closing Tips

In just about any job, you have three components to complete in order to finish the job. The first is the preparation, the second is the job itself, and the third is the clean-up. The same is true in sales; you have the preparation or research, the second is the presentation, and the third is closing the sale or wrapping it up. If you love the challenge of selling and the satisfaction it provides, then the closing the sale is the fun part. So of all the closing tips available, the most important closing tip is making sure you have done the proper research, and made a compelling presentation. Without those two being properly done, the close is almost meaningless because chances are it won’t happen and you won’t be ‘selling the customer’

Closing the deal or customer selling is a true art as anyone who has been successful in sales knows. If you get to that part of the sale without laying a proper foundation with a solid plan or formula for success, your chances of success are based on luck. And if you’re going to rely on luck, you might as well invest your time at the race track.

So let’s briefly breakdown the three components to customer selling or closing the deal:

Preparation is doing the right research.
This requires you to know or understand your prospect’s needs. Make every effort to make sure you are talking to the decision maker. If you are not doing that, you are relying on the person to whom you are making the presentation, to then make the sale for you to the decision maker. In essence you have lost control of the outcome. By asking the appropriate questions and taking mental or preferably written notes, this will help when you close the deal. If you don’t know what they need or want, how can you make a presentation that answers or fills those needs and wants? Additionally you must fully understand and know the product or service you are presenting. By knowing what your prospect wants and needs, and by knowing all the advantages or benefits your product or service can provide, you are in a position to make a compelling presentation.

The Presentation: Make it compelling.
When you’ve done your homework and your preparation is solid, you feel a sense of strength or confidence that you can truly help your prospect. This is the basis for customer selling. Your prospect feels that you fully understand the situation at hand, and that your service or product can help them better their business.

Closing the deal is customer selling.
At this point, customer selling is almost moot if you have positioned your presentation properly with regard to fulfilling needs or wants. By following a simple 5-step formula to close the deal your opportunity for success is greatly enhanced. By asking the proper questions during your presentation, understanding their need, and overcoming any objections, your customer selling or closing the deal is complete and finalized.

Once you have mastered this framework for customer selling, your closing percentage and success rate will take a significant jump.