Objections and Answers

You’ve made a presentation and then swooped in for the close, only to hear the prospect give you the dreaded two-letter ‘n’ word that ends with an ‘o’. You walk away with yet another empty investment of time, and nothing to show for the effort. Many would consider this a failure; however others see this as an education. Even if you don’t make the sale, you need to come away with more knowledge, than you had prior to making the sales presentation. The knowledge learned can be used in future presentations to overcome an objection. So even though you didn’t close the deal you did get an education. We pay thousands of dollars to get an education in college, so in essence we are paying some dollars to get an education in our career that we can put to good use.

When a potential customer gives you an objection during your close, this should be looked at as great news. Because what the potential customer is really saying is, “help me overcome my concern (objection); show me why my concern is not a concern.” By selling the objection, you are helping the customer see the benefit or your product or service.

During my initial endeavor into sales, I created a set of flash cards with the objection on one side of the card, and the answer to that objection on the reverse side of the card. I’d like to say this was an original idea, however I was required to use this educational tool in while learning the times tables.

If you have done your preparation, you should be ready for objections by having answers to whatever customer concerns may arise. The time you invest in identifying all possible objections and then coming up with answers that address those objections is well worth all the time invested. Again, look at it as a self-taught education for your career.

One of the best courses I ever took was debate class in high school. This may be considered as a required course if you’re thinking of being a lawyer; however it probably could be a required course for anyone pursuing life in general. Because isn’t that what we do for a good portion of our life…….talk, discuss and debate differing points of view.
In debate class we had to come prepared to argue either point of view. So if the debate was on over population, or the death penalty, or who is a better team, the Cubs or the White Sox, we had to be prepared to support either position. And the only way to support either position, or debate the topic was to understand both points of view. It’s no different than overcoming an objection during the close phase of a sale.

Another way of looking at it is the fact that you are ‘selling objections’. In essence you are using the objection to help you make the sale. It’s the same philosophy used in the martial arts of ju-jitsu where you use the momentum of your opponent against them. Not that sales is martial arts, but in a sense it is a contest, and the contest is, can you convince your customer that your service or product will benefit them.

Never under estimate the power of selling objections. When you look at it in this frame of mind, then objections are welcomed, and can and will work for you.