Selling Your Product or Service

Imagine you are in business and you are trying to sell a service that you know doesn’t work, or you are selling a product that you know is not quality. How successful do you think you would be, or how long do you think you could continue to sell and stay in business? Of course the answer is probably not very long, unless the purpose of your business is to deceive and mislead. Having faith and belief in the item you are selling is imperative to sustain success.

If you believe or don’t believe in selling you’re product or service, it will show in your presentation. Belief in what you’re selling provides energy, perseverance and motivation. When you make the sale, you can focus on reorders and referrals and you are building a customer base. Without that you are relying on only new sales only.

Early in my sales career I was selling a service that I began to have doubts about whether or not what I was saying was true or not. I learned my sales presentation, and I understood how the service worked, however I was not getting many reorders and I had customers that were not happy with the results. I would tell myself that the service was good and it kept me going. However during the first year I had this personal dilemma three or four times. Was I talking myself into something that didn’t really work just to make the sale? I needed to come to grips with this doubt and deal with it. Either believe in it and keep selling it, or stop believing in it and stop selling it.

I made the decision to believe in it 100% and keep selling the service. It was really a simple decision when I considered the service works for some of my customers and I do get some reorders. What I really had to answer then was why does the service work for some and not for others. I realized that it wasn’t working for some because they weren’t using it properly, so it was a matter of training or educating those customers, rather than the service not working. I realized I was making the sale, but not providing the training and follow-up to make sure my customers were getting the full benefit. My reorders began to increase, along with referrals I never questioned the quality of the service again.
My confidence level increased, which made my presentation more compelling, and my closing percentage drastically improved.

Selling your product or service is knowing your product or service. The more you know about it, the more you can sell it.